Friday, April 2, 2010

Taking Pictures

Here's a new scarf before steaming. You can see the resist line and also the vanishing blue pen lines that I used to plan the painting.

In these two pictures, I"m trying to work out how to take the darn pics! I try to get the detail, and in the upper one I"m trying to capture the entire scarf, but it's hard to do. I think certainly you can get a feel for the sheen of the silk and the detail of the painting, but not a good feel for the whole scarf put together. I'll keep working on it.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I too am a silk painter and had a person who i paid to steam my silk. How do you steam your silk and would you be willing to steam mine for a fee? Please advise.

Elizabeth D. Peña said...

Probably the step I hate the most in this process is steaming. Of course I love it when it's all done! And I absolutely love how the colors look brighter and deeper after steaming.