Thursday, November 3, 2011

When it doesn't quite work

I'm working on a new piece that will be given as a thank you gift. These always make me nervous because I worry that the person who commissioned it will hate it or that the person receiving it will hate it. It's easier sometimes to paint and experiment and if it turns into something that sells it's great, but there's no expectation that it will.

As usual, I started with washing, then stretching.

I started drawing the resist lines and adding in dye. But, this one started out looking a little messy. The resist lines didn't hold and there was a lot of bleeding.

After trying to work with it for a while, I decided to take it off the stretcher and rewash. I washed out all the resist and hopefully whatever was in the silk that kept the lines from holding.

I kept working at it, adding layers on layers.

Here it is now, just about ready to steam.

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