Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tri-Tip in Chipotle Sauce

Okay, so it's not about painting, but I made dinner yesterday for my mom's birthday and several people asked for the recipe. I thought I'd share it here and get it written once and for all.

This is a really yummy, easy dinner, usually when I make it, I make at least a double recipe because people serve themselves seconds and thirds. Last night I think I made 10 pounds of meat for about 12 people (yes, we had left-overs). It's easy to make for a crowd.

Anyway, first the ingredients:

tri-tip (this recipe uses about 1.5 lbs, this feed 3 of us and leaves enough for leftovers)
crushed tomatoes (28 oz. can)
chipotle en adobo (use about 3-4 plus about a tablespoon of the sauce)
1/2 an onion
3-4 garlic gloves
salt & pepper
sliced mushrooms (about 2 cups)
monterey jack cheese

Prepare the meat:
slice the meat thinly against the grain, add salt and pepper to taste. In a very hot pan (with a little bit of oil) sear the meat. If you're making a lot, sear it in batches, and then transfer to a crockpot (I love my crockpot, I have two, and thinking about getting another one). Add the mushrooms over the meat (or layer them over the meat in the crockpot).

As the meat cooks, make the sauce:
Blend together the crushed tomato, 3-4 (or more if you wish) chipotle peppers along with some of the adobo sauce, garlic, and onions. Pour over the seared tri-tip. Don't lose any of that yummy sauce, pour a little water to get all that goodness out, swirl, and pour in. Let simmer for an hour on low heat on the stovetop, covered (or for several hours in the crockpot). You can add liquid if it gets too thick, or take off the lid to thicken it more.

About 10 minutes before serving sprinkle a layer of grated cheese and let melt to a gooey yumminess.

Serve with rice and tortillas. Yum.

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