Monday, December 1, 2008


So, my son and I often look at the colors in the sky and think about how those colors would look in a painting or on a silk scarf. The other night, he took a picture of the sky from the backyard. It was pink and blue.

I played with the image using GIMP. Here it is (this is the cubist option). I just press buttons because I don't know how the program works. First I save the photo under a new name and poke around to see what it looks like. I think this looks cool.

I've been painting a new day of the dead scarf. This one has a New Year's theme. See, these colors really do occur in nature.

Here it is further along. The moon's face is more defined, and the colors on the couple toasting are brighter. You can even see the champagne in the flutes. Happy New Year!

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