Sunday, December 21, 2008

Do Skeletons Make Good Santas?

This was sort of a family project. I did the drawing and painting and my husband and son gave me input on the images to include. We decide to do a "calaveras" family on a scarf. So, here the father skeleton is holding up the blue Christmas tree so the child skeleton can put the star on top. Mom is watching with a glass of champagne in hand. Look at the Santa hat-- l love how it flows. Also, mom's hair is purple and flows as well. At the two ends we have images of Austin, TX -- where we live. At one end is the Capitol Building (it's pink to show the pink granite). At the other end of the scarf is the Congress Street bridge. This bridge is famous for its bat colony. We often walk down to the bridge at dusk to see the bats take off.

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